What a Happy New Year..

In only a few months in Australia I felt more happieness and love than I anywhere before. I could feel the freedom running through my whole body, floating through all of my veins and to set so much endorphines free I didn’t even knew I could handle. I can’t remember a day I wasn’t smiling there. I had nothing than a backpack but I always felt like I owned the entire world.

It was almost New Years Eve and I remember the Partys I celebrated at home. Sitting around with friends, drinking, dancing, even if I don’t even wanted to. I just did it, because I was used to do it on that day. And everyone is waiting for 12pm, so the ones in love could kiss, we all can reach our glasses and drink, screaming out a Happy New Year we did not expect to come, hugging and .. start dancing and drinking again. And it
gets later, and later and everyone is waiting for the first one to go home so finally everyone can go. I never like these days. I often wanted a bad year to finally end, because I always hoped a better one will follow.

This year was different. I was happy and I wish it could never end. I wanted to stay in this place and a new year just means for me now, that everything has an end, even if I don’t want it to come. End of December and no one cares about organizing a party, buying shit loads if drinks, or inviting people, even if you don’t really like them. We just spend the 31.12. being together, doing the things we love the most and laughing, singing,
dancing in the sunlight and at the end of the day we sit outside, stargazing, telling each other how lucky we are, because we met, and how wonderful life can be when you stop worrying and just let things happen. We did not even realized when it was 12pm. Everything was just perfect the way it was. My most wonderful New Years Eve was the one I did spent with people I love, just being together the way we wanted to. No dancing, because everyone was. We danced because we loved it in a moment. No too drinking, because everyone was drinking. We did not get drunk, we did drink what we liked and
what we had. It was tasty. And not being surrounded by people you did not even know, or who did not like you. We were surrounded by family and friends, people I just met some months ago, but who already found part of my heart. Being happy is what I always wanted to be on New years eve, this time it came true. Not drunk, not annoyed, not tired, not sad. Only happy ..

The first Day of the New Year I usually spent in bed, because I wasn’t able to move. I was sick, because of all the alcohol the day before. I hated it and every single year I hate myself for drinking too much the day before.Not this year! We hiked through the wonderful Wooroonan Nationalpark. The nature was insane! And after a very long walk we reached a little waterfall and that was all worth the hike. We spent the whole day there, having lunch, swimming, jumping of the waterfall, taking photos and videos and having the best time of our lives! I actually think this was my favorite day I had in
Australia, because I never felt more High on life. When I remember that day I could always start crying because it’s over. I feel something in my heart when I think about it, I would love to have back. I was so truely happy that day, even if we did not had an amazing adventure, or I fell in love. Nothing special happened that day. We just spend the day swimming and chilling. But for me it was a wonderful day, with wonderful people. I loved lying in the sun, jumping in the water and eating delicious BBQ. I wished I could be there forever, because I did not want to lose this feeling.  When I am sad, I always think about that day. It will forever be a special one for me ..

What was your favorite New Years Eve?
What are your Goals for the New Year?



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