In love with Spain

After driving down the westcoast of france we arrived in spain. I explored thousand of new things already and it always was sunny,sunny,sunny! Spending days at the beach is like healing your soul with sunlight and salt water. The westcoast in france is perfect for surfing – I am really bad in it, but it’S still very funny to try! But After drinking tons of
salt walter I gave up this time and let my travelmates show me how to do it and I took some photos instead! One time a seal jumped on my friend when he was chilling out on his board – the shock of his life! If some dark creature jumps out of the water next to you and decides to jump on you and hold onto your board you don’t expect it’s a curious seal which wants to surf with you, you just stop breathing and try not to scream like an idiot! It was so funny, but my friend will never go surfing at this beach again, because it scared the s*** out of him!

Now we’re in Spain and I really love it. San Sebastian is my favorite place to live one day! I just love the flair and the beach there so much! Life always feels easier with sun, ocean and a beach. The people there are so nice and it seems like they truely know how to enjoy life to the fullest.

We drove further, visited Barcelona and went to Monaco – a wonderful place, but we couldn’t even buy a pen there. But a swim in the ocean is for free, so we did not waste a minute to jump into water! It was really exciting to walk around where the „High society“ lives. Wonderful, fast cars and bikes, and clothes I can only dream of. But actually, at the moment I am so happy to have nothing than my camera and my backpack. For now I do not need other things to enjoy my life. Maybe later I wouldn’t say no to a house next to the beach, and Spain would be perfect for it! But who knows where I am going to live in a few years? I just hope it’s gonna be somewhere with as much sun as possible ..

This is the last time we could go surfing, because now we are driving to Italy!


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