All ways lead to Rome.

The most hottest day since a a long time and we just arrived rome. One sight next to the other. We started our sightseeing tour with the wonder of the world: the colloseum, the roman amphi theater. In the past the gladiators fight against each other. It’s stepping into a piece of history, I always love this feeling of being back in time. It was really interesting to imagine how it looked in the roman time, and the fact, that we have the possibility to still see parts of the building is truely amazing! After we could tick off one wonder of the world we decided to do something really italian: eating a pizza! Nowhere tastier than here! Afterwards we walked around for hours, visited a church from Michelangelo – the famous Dome Pantheon, a big excavation: the Forum Romanum, walked next to the Capitol and the Piazza del Popolo and the Trajan säule and the Constantin Bow. Our feet were on fire! Rome makes you feel like a time traveller. You’re always walking through history. And another wonderful point: You can eat for hours, because ice cream, spaghetti and pizza tastes like paradise! In the evening we enjoyed the view to the colosseum, because it’s especially wonderful with lights on and no one walking around inside.

Afterwards we drove further to Rimini and Florence. Our travel group were constantly growing so in Florence we were 10 people, so we decided to visit the Giottos Campanile and ended up in a Bar for some drinks. Some people were singing on the streets and dancing around, everyone was having the best time of his life, I guess. I was totally in love with the sweetness of doing nothing -feeling. What a wonderful summer night!
„Dolce far niente!“-the sweetness of doing nothing. Italian people know how to live that way! I remembered Liz Gilbert talked about it in „eat, pray, Love“ (a wonderful book and movie) and now I am in Italy I know exactly what she meant.

Last stop in Italy was Milan, where the Dome took my breath away. It was beautiful inside and outside. As a woman you only can walk inside if your knees and shoulders are covered. If you were shorts and top, you can buy a nice jacket for 2 Euro on the entry.
The building is huge and the colorful windows, the orgel, and the paintings are beautiful. Also the view from top of it is worth it and even prettier, when everything is covered in sunlight! On the streets of Milan are some really talented artists! One guy was making amazing melodies with bottles and his eyes were covered! Another one was making figures out of carrots! Never saw something like this before!

Traveling shows you the most wonderful people around the globe and also the most wonderful places! We need to explore this world, because it’s truely amazing!



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