Last Stop: South Tyrol

Every trip has an end some day. And we’re nearly there. So this is our last stop: the Lake Kaltern in South Tyrol. Everything is surrounded by mountains and amazing views. And in a restaurant we had the most delicious meal since a long time (after eating only noodles.)

A wonderful sight, you need to do while being in south tyrol, is the winery Dominikus! You have a wonderful view there on the lake and the castle behind. We went into a wine cellar, which Dominikus Morandell built for years only with his own hands! He just trenched through the mountain! Picking up stones and using them for building a tunnel into mountain. He built the most wonderful wine cellar I’ve ever seen! He even buried himself two times, but lucky his wife found and saved him every time. Surely she hadn’t an easy life with him! Now his son George was showing us around and let us taste the most delicious wine in South Tyrol (for me!).

After drinking too much good wine some of us went to venice (of course the one who did not drink was driving!), but a few (like me) did stay, because we loved the place we were! We were chilling on a little river, playing games, drinking wine, and enjoying the sun – but not for long. After 3 months of sunshine it started raining – of course the day we did not had a van for sleeping inside. So we were looking for a dry place to sleep – until we met the most amazing biker mens ever! We became friends very fast. Talking about there bikertours through Africa, drinking and laughing was the funniest night we could imagine! And end of story: we all slept in the hosts cellar! I always wanted to say that! And the host made us a breakfast I will never forget. It’s all about the people we met while traveling .. that’s why I love roadtrips so much!


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