Two Highlights in Norway

If you wanna spend some time in the Nature – Norway is the perfect place to be. Waking up and looking out of my tent has never been more magical. The view was incredible no matter where I was. The mountains, the water, the sky, everything was so dreamy. The colors were matching: blue, green, grey. Everything was perfectly in combination. It’s like staring on a wonderful painting. After one day in Norway I totally fell in love with it. It was so clean and tidy everywhere and we could camp wherever we wanted to, so
we could always choose the perfect place to stay.

I had two Highlights in Norway:
one of it was walking to the Preikestolen. I never really went hiking in Germany, so I was really excited. Well, we weren’t the only people who wanted to go there, so with us were walking thousands of other Humans. But it was still worth it! The Hike was hard, but we made it! At the top of it I had to struggle with my fear of high, but I still wanted to sit on the edge – and I did! 604 meters down and I hung my legs over the edge. A bit stupid and a bit brave, but the feeling was worth it. The view was absolutely stunning! I always felt like being part of a fairytale. Norway is such a beauty! I saw some crazy people trying to walk to the Preikestolen. Some with broken legs, some with small little dogs. I love go walking with my dog and I also even like go hiking with a dog, but not that way! There are so many people and it’s not like walking a nice little path to the end .. sometimes you need to climb a bit … I think it’s not a way you should start with a little dog. There are so many wonderful parts of Norway you can experience with your pet, but please – not the Preikestolen!

My next Highlight was a much harder hike, and much longer! The way to the Kjeragbolten. There were much less people with us, which made it even better. The Hike starts on a parking place from the restaurant Øygardstølen. You have a wonderful view there and we had the best weather we could imagined! (I guess the hike is really hard when it’s wet, so thank god for the sun!) The first 100 meter were already exhausting, because you need to climb up some stones. Sometimes there are some little steel ropes for help. From here it goes to one plateau to another, and also from one beautiful view to the next. It always goes up and it really isn’t an easy walk. It’s totally exhausting but it’s definitely worth it. On the right side is always the edge to the Lysefjord. After 3 hours (we had some small breaks to enjoy the views and to get some rest) we came to the Kjeragbolten! It’s a huge stone between two cliffs – 1000 meter over the Lysefjord – what an amazing picture!

You can go on the Kjeragbolten over a small, thin edge. A little steel rope is on the wall for help to get on top of it. It’s reeeeally scary, because one wrong step could let you fall down. I really thought twice if I wanna go there, but at least I said to myself: you will not go back so fast, this is your chance! And so I did it. My knees where shaking when I stood there. But I was proud I did! But, if you don’t wanna take that risk you still can enjoy the view and the wonderful hike! If you be there, please be careful! It’s still really dangerous, even if it’s so pretty.

After the way back we all were really tired, but totally happy. It was a wonderful day, a wonderful hike and I really loved to be in Norway. How beautiful nature can be. I would always go back in this country, I fell in love with it. Definitely wasn’t my last time there.

Do you already explored Norway?
What is the perfect place to see polar lights there?
I would love to spend some winter days in Norway!


(*Werbung wegen Verlinkung, Namens- und Ortsnennung)


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