All I need is some Vitamin SEA!

Sometimes you need a break. Not from work, not from a relationship, just a break to breath again. To calm down. And I needed that break since a long time. So here it was ..

Me and 3 friends just decided to spent some time in spain. We missed the beach so much! We jumped in the van and drove straight to our favorite spot: St. Sebastian! Well, I love this city so much! On our first Roadtrip I fell in love with it already. If I could, I would buy a house there right now. Right next to the beach! Next stop was Ferrol. I’ve never been there before. It’s March, so it’s still a bit cold and the ocean water is freezing! I enjoyed the sunset and the view, the sand under my feet, the smell of the salt water. I was happy with it – of course my friends went swimming! One time we enjoyed sitting on the edge, watching the waves, when suddenly a giant wave came sooo fast and made us all wet from head to toes! Kind of a surprising shower! A few beachdays and motorbike tours later we were in Valencia – right time, because they celebrated FALLAS there, a spring party. The city was full of funny figures, firework, partys and loud music everywhere! It was crazy! No time to enjoy, but a good time to spent the night dancing and drinking! On our way back to germany it started raining – welcome back! But we decided to spent one more day to enjoy so we visited the water park in Erdingen.
Best decision ever, because it was totally worth it. It’s full of fun things to do, but also full of warm water, and chill out areas. I really loved being there and I will definitely coming back one day to spent some wonderful days with my boyfriend there. it’s the perfect mix of fun and romantic! Best way to end a holiday!

Even if that was a short vacation time, it was a time I really needed. I love roadtrips with our van and I love to never know where I might fall asleep. I love waking up on the beach, I love waking up and run into the ocean. I love the smell of salt water and the ocean breeze in my hair.  This is definitely the way I want to live forever and I hope one day, I will.


(*Werbung wegen Verlinkung, Namens- und Ortsnennung)


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