All I need is some Vitamin SEA!

Sometimes you need a break. Not from work, not from a relationship, just a break to breath again. To calm down. And I needed that break since a long time. So here it was .. Me and 3 friends just decided to spent some time in spain. We missed the beach so much! We jumped … All I need is some Vitamin SEA! weiterlesen


Two Highlights in Norway

If you wanna spend some time in the Nature - Norway is the perfect place to be. Waking up and looking out of my tent has never been more magical. The view was incredible no matter where I was. The mountains, the water, the sky, everything was so dreamy. The colors were matching: blue, green, grey. … Two Highlights in Norway weiterlesen

Last Stop: South Tyrol

Every trip has an end some day. And we're nearly there. So this is our last stop: the Lake Kaltern in South Tyrol. Everything is surrounded by mountains and amazing views. And in a restaurant we had the most delicious meal since a long time (after eating only noodles.) A wonderful sight, you need to … Last Stop: South Tyrol weiterlesen

All ways lead to Rome.

The most hottest day since a a long time and we just arrived rome. One sight next to the other. We started our sightseeing tour with the wonder of the world: the colloseum, the roman amphi theater. In the past the gladiators fight against each other. It's stepping into a piece of history, I always love … All ways lead to Rome. weiterlesen

In love with Spain

After driving down the westcoast of france we arrived in spain. I explored thousand of new things already and it always was sunny,sunny,sunny! Spending days at the beach is like healing your soul with sunlight and salt water. The westcoast in france is perfect for surfing - I am really bad in it, but it'S … In love with Spain weiterlesen

Keep on rollin‘ through France..

Mt. Saint Michel & St. Malon (*Werbung wegen Ortsnennung)   Spanien – du hast mich!

Paris is always a good Idea!

Stop of our Roadtrip: PARIS, City of lights and love ..  Things I love the most about Paris: the cute, small alleys with flowers in the windows and doors, the street artists, the french music, the french delightfulness like Crépes, the view from top of the Eiffel Tower, the crazy circle around L'arc de Triomphe (how … Paris is always a good Idea! weiterlesen