112 Things to Do

When I was 16 years old I read the Book „Before I die“ by Jenny Downham. It was so inspiring for me that I also decided to make a Bucket List for me. Things I wanted to do before I die, even if I don’t know when this will happen. Until now my Bucket List is hanging on my wall and I always try to make some things happen. Some things are easy to do, other things are very hard, and some things might never happen. But I am always thinking about that life is short and you never shoud stop trying to reach your dreams. I want to share my Bucket List with you on my Blog, so you can see all the dreams that finally came true and all the things that will coming sooner or later … 🙂


„Before I die“: 

1. Learn to surf
2. Drive a Harley Davidson
3. Drive with the fastest rollercoaster of the world
4. drive faster than 270 km/h
5. Safari Tour in Africa
6. Be a famous Influencer
7. Swim with a dolphin
8. Skydive
9. Ride a camel in the desert
10. Climb Mount Everest
11. Go Snowboarding
12. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
13. Drive dog sledge in Canada
14. Swim with sharks and rays
15. Jump off a cliff
16. have a bar fight
17. camp one week in the mountains
18. Travel the world with my love
19. Sights: Golden Gate Bridge, colosseum in Rome, Statue of liberty, Cheops-Pyramid, Stonehenge, Grand Canyon, Iguazu-Waterfalls, Milford Sound, Cliffs of Moher, Chinese Wall, Angel Falls, Ayers Rock, Taj Mahal, Eiffeltower
20. See Animals in Freedom: Tiger, Eagle, Gorilla, Elephant, Lion, crokodile, rhino, Grizzly Bear, Panda, Leopard
21. See Polar lights
22. sleeping under the stars
23. Visit Hot Lap Dance in New York
24. Open Air Sex
25. to party over 2 days
26. dance in the rain
27. pretending to be a star on a party
28. getting a tattoo
29. getting a piercing
30. living one month on an island (with lots of rum!)
31. having a cooking lesson
32. Carneval in Rio
33. Disappear for one week and telling no one where I am
34. skinny-dip
35. be part of a Flashmob
36. Renting a boat in Greece
37. win a competition 
38. cry while laughing
39. build an igloo
40. shooting with a gun
41. buy a plane ticket without knowing whereto
42. sing karaoke
43. jump in a taxi and scream „Follow this car!“
44. pet a baby fox and a baby tiger
45. standing on the edge of the preikestolen and kjeragbolten
46. getting hypnotized
47. write a book
48. plant a tree
49. sending a message in a bottle
50. loose 5000 dollar in a casino
51. win 5000 dollar back in a casino
52. buying a house on the beach
53. have enough time and money to do all things on my bucket list
54. save a human life
55. save an animal
56. having enough money to make my sister and my brothers dreams come true
57. giving a streetdog a home
58. register myself for donate an organ after death
59. taking an escalator the wrong way
60. Marry the love of my life
61. explore an unknown animal
62. howl with wolfes
63. go whale watching
64. swimming with elephants
65. learn how to dance
66. pretend to be very rich in theater when dressed up very reliable
67. go to a holi festival
68. take a photo of a twister
69. get my driver lisence 
70. get my driver lisence for motorbike
71. drive through the USA with a Bully
72. make an old man laugh
73. having an underwater photoshooting
74. go swim with a mermaid fin
75. having a cake fight
78. go hiking in the grand canyon
79. be an actress in a horror movie
80. being an actress/Stuntwoman
81. studying
82. sing in front of an audience
83. fall in love
84. try not to lie for one year
85. having a adventure trip in Hawai with my boyfriend
86. make my parents cry because they are so proud of me
87. Having enough money to make my parents dream come true(buy there dream house)
88. owning a dog
89. travel to australia and camp in the bush
90. catch a wild animal
91. writing a song
92. kiss on the eiffeltower
93. travel to London and go to Harry Potter Studio
94. cut my hair
95. spend a week in a luxury villa on the maledives with my love
96. see my sister getting married
97. drive with the bike to the ocean
98. make a movie out of my brothers books
99. having the marriage of my dreams
100. make someone happy every day
101. explore something that changes the world into good
102. find the treasure of forest fenn
103. go on a holiday trip with my best friend&pay for her ‚cause she deserves it so much
104. walk the PCT
105. teach a bird how to speak
106. learn how to ride a horse
107. emigrate away from Germany
108. having a daughter
108. giving a gift to a stranger
109. Getting a Black Ninja Kawasaki with pink LEDs
110. be a Yoga Teacher
111. Get published on National Geographic
112. Visit Disneyland Paris with Minnie Mouse Ears